Patient Engagement Center of Excellence

Patient Care

Incendant software and content helps caregivers engage and educate patients during hospitalization with best-in-class, easy-to-understand videos and images on any device at the bedside.

Patient Engagement

Diagnosis-specific, automated messages with video content sent directly to patients to enhance patient learning pre- and post-care to improve outcomes.

Patient Activation

Patient Engagement Center of Excellence (PECE) engages directly with patient to ease transitions, motivate patient action and provide real-time consolidated feedback.

Comprehensive Patient Engagement Solutions for your Facility

Learn how Incendant’s customized solutions can help you improve patient outcomes, reduce length of stay and increase ROI and customer satisfaction.

custom solutions

Patient Clarity.

The image helped me understand my condition. I felt like I was on the same level as the doctor.


Caregiver Simplicity.

The videos ensure that a new nurse is giving the same information as a seasoned nurse.

Lead Clinical Nurse, Parkview Medical Center

How it Works

Incendant - Solution Overview

  • No Show Reduction 90%
  • Bad Prep Reduction 46%
  • Endo Procedure Annual Savings 15%

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